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Granada in Andalucia, Spain


Granada is located in the eastern part of Andalucia on the foot of Sierra Nevada. The climate in the city is subject to extreme changes; it is very hot in summer as it is located in the interior of Andalucia, and very cold in winter due to short distance to the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges. The area boasts a lot of snow in winter and a large ski resort which attracts each year many skiers.

Granada has an area of 88 km2 and a population of 241,471 inhabitants. It has excellent access trough road, train or flights. Granada has an international airport where we can find the most popular flight companies: Mare Nostrum Iberia, Ryanair, Monarch Airlines and Vueling.

Sierra Nevada Granada

Sierra Nevada

Keep in mind that Granada has a very important natural heritage such as the Sierra Nevada National Park and its ski slopes. (See the Natural Parks of Granada). But apart from this, the city has a large monumental and artistic heritage, which each year attracts millions of visitors.